Naturopathic Herbalist Certification
Herbology is the specially designed medicinal component to healing and nurturing the whole person made available by nature.


Dr. Akua Gray with twenty plus years of herbalist training and experience has designed a premiere intensely innovative herbology program for all future herbalists. Whether you are an experienced student of herbology or a neophyte, this course offers a complete understanding of health and wellness herbology from an indigenous perspective. As a correspondence course students can register for this class anytime and each year current students are invited to attend online training sessions with Dr. Akua for the course lessons.

Earn certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. This certification can be used for personal, family, and community service. It can also be used in professional health services as a herbalist, nutritional consultant, and herbal manufacturer.  The format and the philosophy of the Naturopathic Herbalist Certification is designed to promote self-directed learning in earning certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. Each lesson will include a Reading Assignment, Writing Assignment and Kinesthetic Learning Assignment. This self paced course is a global survey of healing paradigms and includes 13 training lessons in the following course curriculum:
Human Nutrition
Herbal Nutrition
Herbs, Enzymes and Hormones
Edible Wild Plants                              
Basic Herbal and Medical Terminology        
Herbal Medicine Preparations           
Herbal Products Guidelines
Western Pharmacology        
Drug and Herbal Interactions           
Cross Cultural Herbology
Tropical Medicinal  
Indigenous Herbs/Spiritual Healing
Ayurvedic Medicine               
Ancient Medicine Today

Required Textbooks and Materials:
Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification Manual, 5th Edition, by K. Akua Gray, published by BJK Publishing. 
Naturopathic Herbalist Certification Workbook by K. Akua Gray, published by BJK Publishing. (Included  with paid tuition)

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra C.A., N.D. (1990). New York, NY: Pocket Books
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements Balch, Phyllis A., (2002). New York, NY: Avery
Supply Kit: Herbology Starter Kit


















Assignments for certification total 360 hours and include:
Lesson Assignments       
The Course Essay
The Final Exam
10 Case Study Assessments                                        


2022 Naturopathic Herbalist Online Study Group Sessions - Every second Wednesday of the month.

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