Naturopathic Herbalist Certification
Herbology is the specially designed medicinal component to healing and nurturing the whole person made available by nature.


Dr. Akua Gray with twenty plus years of herbalist training and experience has designed a premiere intensely innovative herbology program for all future herbalists. Whether you are an experienced student of herbology or a neophyte, this course offers a complete understanding of health and wellness herbology from an indigenous perspective. As a correspondence course students can register for this class anytime and each year current students are invited to attend online training sessions with Dr. Akua for the course lessons.

Earn certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. This certification can be used for personal, family, and community service. It can also be used in professional health services as a herbalist, nutritional consultant, and herbal manufacturer.  The format and the philosophy of the Naturopathic Herbalist Certification is designed to promote self-directed learning in earning certification as a Naturopathic Herbalist. Each lesson will include a Reading Assignment, Writing Assignment and Kinesthetic Learning Assignment. This self paced course is a global survey of healing paradigms and includes 13 training lessons in the following course curriculum:
Human Nutrition
Herbal Nutrition
Herbs, Enzymes and Hormones
Edible Wild Plants                              
Basic Herbal and Medical Terminology        
Herbal Medicine Preparations           
Herbal Products Guidelines
Western Pharmacology        
Drug and Herbal Interactions           
Cross Cultural Herbology
Tropical Medicinal  
Indigenous Herbs/Spiritual Healing
Ayurvedic Medicine               
Ancient Medicine Today

Required Textbooks and Materials:
Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification Manual, 5th Edition, by K. Akua Gray, published by BJK Publishing. 
Naturopathic Herbalist Certification Workbook by K. Akua Gray, published by BJK Publishing. (Included  with paid tuition)

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra C.A., N.D. (1990). New York, NY: Pocket Books
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements Balch, Phyllis A., (2002). New York, NY: Avery
Supply Kit: Herbology Starter Kit


















Assignments for certification total 360 hours and include:
Lesson Assignments       
The Course Essay
The Final Exam
10 Case Study Assessments                                        


2022 Naturopathic Herbalist Online Study Group Sessions - Every second Wednesday of the month.

Collection of Herbs

International Herbalist Intern Program

The International Herbal Medicine Program, is offered to ALOP graduates of the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification, the Naturopathic Mastery Associate Certification, and the Naturopathic Herbalist Certification. These graduates will have the opportunity to work with a host of indigenous herbalists in one of five countries where A Life Of Peace has set up affiliate training programs: Ghana, Belize, Peru, Jamaica, and The Bahamas. Students will have the opportunity to spend two to six weeks training with an herbalist learning the local medicinal and nutritional uses of plants. The training site will be operative for a 1-year period. Student herbalist will be required to commit to a minimum of 2 weeks of training and have the option of staying up to 12 weeks. Students are responsible for the cost of all transportation, lodging, meals, and supplies.

International Herbalist Intern 2022 Schedule

Ghana, West Africa (October 9-22)

The program intensive will include:

  •  Ethnobotany a branch of ethnobiology that studies the plant lore and agricultural customs of a people.

  • Plant Identification: Papaya, hwintia, Bitter gourd, stevia, mango, noni, lime, orange, pansies, butterfly pea flower, moringa, prekese, ginger, turmeric, baobab, and a host of additional traditional herbs, plants, trees, and shrubs.

  • Foraging and Gathering

  • Methods of Application: powder, soup, tonic, juice, jelly, dried teas

  • Dosages for Disease Progression

  • Storage and Preservation

Herb GH Oct 2022.png

Earn an additional 100 hours towards your Registered Herbalist credentials

Day 1 Orientation

Day 2-3 Herbalist Community Tour

Day 4-5 Field Planting, Grafting, Sprouting

Day 6 Leaf Harvesting and Prepping for the drying process

Day 7-8 Off

Day 9 Fruit Harvesting (jelly and juice)

Day 10 Making Bitters (tonic and teas)

Day 11 Cooking with Local Herbs

Day 12 Making leaf and fruit powder

Day 13 Herbal First Aid: Making poultices and salves

Day 14 Final Assignments and Celebrations

International Herbalist Intern Schedule

Ghana, West Africa - October 9-22, 2022

The Bahamas - April 2023

San Ignacio, Belize - September 2024


Sacred Gifts of the Earth Herbalist Course


Complete Herb Course Description ~ Full Year Curriculum

Beginner’s Course (4 Classes/2 months – June - July)

Intermediate Course (8 Classes/4 months – August - November)

Advanced Course (12 Classes/6 months – January - June)

Level 1

Sacred Gifts of the Earth: Nature’s Medicine

In essence creation is pure abundance. Nature has provided sustenance since the inception of humanity. To live on the Earth is and receive her gifts has been unconditional.  What do you know about the essence of creation? Have you tasted her life-giving nourishment? Of course, you have. And the sweetness of her nectar is calling you once more to learn and receive the gifts of life. The Sacred Gifts of the Earth: Nature’s Medicine Herbalist Course was designed to take you on a journey of perfection. As a seeker of timeless wisdom, we invite you to experience the divine reflection of your highest self through the open vessels of nature’s abundance.


With the understanding that everything happens in divine time, we have conveniently segmented the complete Sacred Gifts of the Earth: Nature’s Medicine Herbalist Course into three easy to follow levels which can be taken consecutively or at your own pace based on the annual schedule.

Learn the 5 primary herb groups and their functions in restoring health. 

Learn the five basic herb groups that should be part of every formula.

Learn how to formulate a well-balanced and synergistic herbal formula.

Learn herbal methods of application to make an herbal formula for the most effective combination of herbs.


Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays

June - July

4pm CST/ 5pm EST – Sessions are 2 hours


Required Textbook:

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra

Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing by Vasant Lad

The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John Christopher


Level 2

Healing with the Elements: Forces of Nature’s Eternity

Air, fire, water, earth, wood and metal control the mechanisms of the world however before planes, trains and automobiles nature’s elements were used by multiple cultures in their healing systems. 

Explore the healing systems of African Ancestors in Kmt/Egypt; India in Ayurveda which teaches the yin and yang balance of the vital organs, states of disease, and the health relationship between lifestyles and diet.  End the semester with a vibrant study of the full range of Western Herbology including a comprehensive understanding on herbal therapies.  


Join us 1st and 3rd Saturdays

August - November 2022

12pm CST/1pm EST – Sessions are 2 hours


Required Textbook:

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra

Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing by Vasant Lad

The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John Christopher


Level 3

Chinese 5-Elements: The Mastery of Self to Heal the World


There is no mastery without self-mastery. In the epic historical context of the Chinese 5-Element System discover the inherent properties of each element: air, fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Learn methods of application related to elemental color, quality, sense, organ, fluid and more. Indulge in the most important components of herbal medicine to identify and resolve illness in your body through a survey of current diet and lifestyle. Study the relationships between the nature’s elements, the body’s organs, and behavior of disease. Fully answer the question how nature’s elements can facilitate healing and what are the best elemental herbal remedies of the acupuncture meridians. 


Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of all assignments and final exam.

All assignment require a minimum of 80% passage to be recognized for completion.


Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays

January - June 2023

12pm CST/ 1pm EST – Sessions are 2 hours


Required Textbook:

The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra

Ayurveda: The Science of Self Healing by Vasant Lad

The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John Christopher

zakiyyah bio pic 2.jpg
Meet the Sacred Gifts Instructor
Zakiyyah Madyun

Using natural, holistic medicines from Mother Earth’s bounties has been the primary source of my healing repertoire.  My study of various cultural healing sciences have taken me from New York to San Francisco, California, to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and to The Berkshires, in Massachusetts.  As an herbal educator I have been providing a wealth of herbal health and alternative healing information to thousands of people through my herb courses, workshops, speaking engagements, health fairs, TV programs, blog, weekly herb columns and newsletters.  It has been more than four decades now since I began my study of various healing arts, building on my certification as an Herb Master, I also offer services in Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Pranic Healing (energy medicine), and Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Specialist